Senior Leaders

Aetna Medicaid’s senior leadership team brings together extensive backgrounds throughout the health care industry. Combining our collective expertise, we help those we serve achieve success.


Randy Hyun   

Randy Hyun
CEO, Aetna Medicaid

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Deb Bacon

Deb Bacon
Regional Vice President
West/Other Region

Janet Grant
Regional Vice President
Great Plains Region

Mary Lou Osborne
Regional Vice President
East Region

Matt Cowley
Vice President Operations & Chief Operating Officer





Thorne Clark
Vice President of
Legal Affairs


Scott Markovich
Vice President of Business Development

Tracey Green
Vice President
Personalized Health


Michael Maggipinto
Senior Director Strategy & Planning




Bob Nutini
Executive Director
Achieving Business eXcellence

Melanie Herring
Executive Director Compliance

Jay Atkin
Vice President
Medicaid IT Delivery

Ketan Patel
Vice President
Human Resources