Technology Solutions

Aetna Medicaid employs advanced technologies, to share information in a timely manner. We work to identify real-time gaps in care and preventive screening needs, expedite prior authorization decisions, and make evidence-based practice guidelines available to providers. Our technology supports data integration and sharing among providers, clinical decision-making, the identification of high-risk members and preventive member education.

Aetna Medicaid’s technology solutions are known for:

  • Serving as a trusted data partner for providers at the point-of-care
  • Allowing for immediate communication and collaboration centered on the member using intuitive technology
  • Providing useful data that makes sense to members and is available when they need it
  • Making data available to support provider decisions in any clinical setting our members may visit
  • Enhancing rather than replacing existing workflows and technology
  • Driving and leading innovative, industry changing technologies
  • Adapting to a changing health care system
  • Improved care, quality and cost-effectiveness

Personalized technology

The connections we provide across the health care system through state-of-the-art technology, industry-leading use of member data and new connections are helping providers and members play a greater, more informed role in members’ health.

We’re connecting with our members where they live, play and post. Many of our health plans have pages on Facebook and are growing their social media tools. Our health plans offer frequent health and wellness resources, highlight health plan activities, and promote important health plan news and information to help members get the care they need.

Connect with us through our health plan websites.

All of Aetna Medicaid’s websites are built with the end-user in mind. Users are able to navigate our websites efficiently and locate the content that matters to them quickly. We conduct ongoing analysis of content to enhance the user experience – help users find us and find what they need quickly. Our websites use responsive design, meaning users can view our websites on any type of device – desktop, tablet, mobile. Each view adjusts to help users navigate to the most important content. And, all of our websites are fully accessible. Our websites meet accessibility standards for Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act.

Visit our health plan websites.

Our secure web portal allows providers to communicate health care service information directly with our health plans. Users can perform a variety of tasks, such as verifying eligibility, getting prior authorizations, checking billing status and more:

  • Member eligibility search: Verify current eligibility on one or more members.
  • Provider list: Search for a specific health plan provider by name, specialty or location.
  • Claim status search: Search claims by various criteria.
  • Remittance advice search: Search for claim payment information by various criteria.
  • Authorization list: Search authorizations by various criteria.
  • Submit authorizations: Submit an authorization request online.

Members and providers can access the portals through our health plan websites.

To help our members connect to the right resources, many of our health plans have expansive text-messaging programs. Programs include pregnancy and post-partum care, diabetes care, appointment reminders and more.

We also work with SafeLink Wireless in many markets. SafeLink Wireless is a federal phone program that gives a free cell phone and minutes to those who qualify. Our health plans supplement this program with additional benefits such as free text messaging, health and wellness reminders, and calls to our health plans, anytime day or night.

Our My Care and My Member Care portals enable provider to instantly connect with their patients and care teams. The goal of the portals is to help members and providers securely interact with clinical data and case management staff for optimal quality care.

Each member profile contains:

  • Demographic information
  • Critical caregivers’ names/relationship
  • Utilization during the last year
  • Self-reported conditions and medications
  • Medications reported through claims
  • View and send non-urgent messages about members to case managers
  • Identify gaps in care and other alerts
  • View and update provider demographic data and contact information

 Members and providers can access the portals through our health plan websites.