Dental (Oral Health)

Oral health is not just about the teeth, but the health of the whole mouth and even the body. Aetna Better Health of Pennsylvania knows having a great smile, can even affect your confidence and we want all of our members to have a great and healthy smile.

We now cover ALL levels of dental cleanings (including deep cleanings and more) for ALL members of ALL ages starting January 1st, 2019!

  • Even though you may not provide Oral Health care at your office, you still play a vital role in helping our members’ oral health. How can you help?
    • Refer all members to a dentist. Click here for a listing of dental providers in your area

Periodontal Disease:

Periodontal disease can exacerbate physical health conditions such as diabetes.  Click here to learn about periodontal disease, its link to overall physical health, and treatment.

Annual Dental Visit HEDIS Document

Click on this document to not only learn about the Annual Dental Visit HEDIS measure, but also about the importance of preventive dental services, coding tips for capture of care, the 2019 incentive for dental practitioners, strategies for improvement, and new covered benefits for members in 2019!


Oral Healthcare Tips for PCPS

PCPs also play a vital role in oral health.  Click here to learn about talking points with parents, dental referrals, fluoride varnish, and the importance of oral health care during pregnancy.


Coming Soon

  • This webinar series offered throughout 2019 will cover key topics such as:
    • Establishing dental homes for our membership
    • Dental Sealants (Dental practitioner focused)
    • ADV HEDIS/CMS measures (Dental practitioner focused)
    • Oral health and its effects on overall health for Medical Providers (emphasis on patients with diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, maternity and children under two)

Dental Practitioner Pay for Quality

Thank you for your dedication to your patients, our membership! Aetna Better Health® of Pennsylvania introduces the 2019 Pay-for-Quality (P4Q) Program to participating dental practitioners in Pennsylvania who perform recommended preventive services for key dental performance measures

Dental P4Q Letter

Medical Practitioner Pay for Quality

Thank you for your dedication to your patients and our members! Aetna Better Health® of Pennsylvania introduces the Medicaid 2019 Pay-for-Quality Program for eligible primary care providers (PCPs) and Ob/Gyns in Pennsylvania. Key performance measures included in the program are: Well-child Care, Dental-Fluoride Varnish Application, Maternity, Medication Management for People with Asthma, Comprehensive Diabetes Care, Controlling High Blood Pressure, Emergency Department Visits, and Plan All Cause Readmission.

Medical P4Q Tip Sheet (Click here, then select Pay-for-Quality (P4Q) Program)

Medical P4Q Letter (Click here, then select Pay-for-Quality (P4Q) Program)