For Providers

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 At Aetna Better Health of Michigan, we see our providers as our allies in providing high-quality health care services to a vulnerable population. We are a Medicare-Medicaid plan for dual-eligible members ages 21 and over. We know our providers strive to deliver the best care possible. For that reason, we hope you’ll take advantage of all the resources we can provide for you.

One-stop shop

Because we manage both Medicare and Medicaid coverage, we’re pleased to offer you the benefits of working with a single point of contact and billing for your Medicare-Medicaid patients. We take care of it all, including medical, dental, vision and mental health benefits. That makes it easy on our members too.

As one of our network providers, you play a most important role in getting the word out about our services. We look forward to helping coordinate care for your Medicare-Medicaid patients. We also provide our members with access to important health care services and programs. We make sure these are convenient for both members and providers.