Ted E. Bear, M.D. Club

Ted E Bear, MD

We will offer Ted E. Bear, M.D. visits at community gatherings, schools, 4-H clubs, and YMCA locations to teach healthy lifestyle decisions.

Scouts or YMCA membership
For Ted. E. Bear, M.D. Kids Club members we will pay the cost for an annual Scout membership. This applies to both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. As a bonus, Club members who stay in Boy Scouts get the Boys’ Life magazine. Girl Scouts members can get A Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting plus one Journey book or a basic uniform after 6 months of joining. OR we will pay the annual membership for a local youth organization ($60 annual value).

Weight management
We offer a weight management program. Members receive gifts for joining the program. Each member then works with a case manager to set goals based on the child’s weight and height needs. Members can earn gift cards from $15 to $30 as they meet the weight loss goals.

Kids with asthma
For school-age kids with asthma, we offer a second inhaler; one to stay at home and one to go to school.

Teens stop smoking program
We offer teens a program to help them stop smoking. This includes members who use cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, hookah, e-cigs, even second hand-smoke. Teens work with a case manager to create a stop smoking plan. They will throw away all tobacco products and receive a $10 gift card. If they remain tobacco free for 30 days they will get another $10 gift card.