Ted E. Bear, M.D. Club

ted.e.bear md

We will offer Ted E. Bear, M.D. visits at community gatherings, schools, 4-H clubs, and YMCA locations to teach healthy lifestyle decisions.

Scouts membership

Through a partnership with the Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of Louisiana, we will pay for the cost of an annual Scout membership for all Ted. E. Bear, M.D. Kids Club members. Scout membership applies to:

  • Boy Scouts (including Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Exploring and Venturing)
  • Girl Scouts

As a bonus, members who join Boy Scouts get the Boys’ Life magazine each year they are a Scout. Members who join Girl Scouts will receive credit toward Scout materials. Girls may choose one of two options after 6 months of continued participation: A Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting including one Journey Book, or a basic uniform.

Weight management

We offer a weight management program for children and adolescents. These young members will be able to request assistance from case managers for help with weight management.

Participants will receive incentives for enrolling and participating in the program. Upon enrollment, each member will receive a pedometer or exercise bands. After enrollment, participants receive gift cards in graduated amounts as they meet the goals that they set when they enrolled. Plus they receive gift cards from $15-$30 as they meet the weight goals they set. To earn the incentives the member must also have confirmed attendance at four weight management assessments and four nutritional consultations.