Quality matters

The scope of the Quality Improvement program (QI) is comprehensive, addressing the quality and safety of clinical care and services provided to our members, including physical health, behavioral health, dental and vision care. The QI program actively initiates, monitors and evaluates standards of health care practice, the infrastructure essential to the delivery of clinical quality of care and services to members. Aetna Better Health of Kentucky maintains a companywide commitment to quality and industry best practices and/or standards as set forth by state and federal regulators, as well as accrediting organizations.

The Quality Improvement Program Description provides the framework for Aetna Better Health of Kentucky to continually monitor, evaluate and improve the quality of care, safety and services provided to all members, employers, practitioners/providers and external/ internal customers. The program provides an ongoing evaluation process that lends itself to improving identified opportunities for under/over utilization of services.

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky has many ongoing quality improvement activities to fulfill the scope of the QI Program. The full detail of major activities including time frames for completion, responsible parties, and planned monitoring and evaluation is included in the QI Work Plan. The QI Program consists of the following elements:

  • QI Program Description Summary
  • Annual QI Program Evaluation
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Annual QI Workplan
  • Quality Improvement Activities
  • QI Committee Structure

At least once a year, a member satisfaction survey goes out to members. You may receive one this year. Any information you share is private. Sharing your feedback with us is important. It helps us make improvements. You can ask for a copy of the results. Just call Member Services at 1-855-300-5528 (TDD: 1-800-627-4702 or TTY: 711).

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2016 CAHPS

At Aetna Better Health of Kentucky, our goal is to improve access to quality health care for our members. We provide a broad network of providers and community organizations in order to achieve improved health outcomes.

HEDIS® measures are a way for us to see if we’re reaching this goal.

Learn more about HEDIS. View our latest HEDIS results:

2016 HEDIS results