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We publish a provider newsletter. Here you can view current and past issues.

12.28.18 AEFX00066 Fax KY Provider Manual Letter

12.27.18 AEFX00061 Monthly Collection Letter to Include Supporting Claims Detail

11.27.18 AEFX00063 CDC National Influenza Vaccination Week

11.09.18 Year End Check Run Dates and Introducing Abbi Wilson

11.02.18 Fax Approved Policy Edits for 12-02-18

11.01.18 Paper Remits and Ref Ret Check Addrs Prov News Fall 2018

10.17.18 DMS KY MPPA Provider Newsletter

10.11.18 Prior Authorization Changes Effective 11-15-18 and Urine Drug Screen Provider Notice, Effective 11-12-18

09.24.18 Fax Editing Changes and Network Rel List

09.21.18 Fax Provider Types 31 & 35 Network Relation List (RHC & FQHC Providers Only)

09.10.18 Fax Duplicate Remits

08.28.18 Fax FAQ SBIRT Brochure

08.16.18 Policy Edits for Anesthesia Effective 09.25.18

08.08.18 Fax Copay and Network Relations List

07.10.18 Fax KY HEALTH 2018 Updated Webinars and Network Rel List

06.29.18 Fax Medically Frail Attestation Policy Updates KY Health WebEx Reminder

06.22.18 Fax KY HEALTH 2018 Webinars Reminder

06.15.18 Fax KY HEALTH 2018 Webinars and Network Rel List Update

06.01.18 Fax DMS VBP Survey for KY Medicaid Providers

05.25.18 Fax KY HEALTH Provider Education Webinars offered by ABH of KY

05.08.18 Fax Hepatitis A Vaccine and Lock Box Address

04.06.18 Fax DMS Provider Forum Notice

03.30.18 Fax ePA KY Provider Notice

02.21.18 Fax Provider Changes and Improvements to Provider Processes

01.22.18 Fax Network Relations Representative List Update

01.03.18 Fax Provider Portal Trainings January 2018

01.03.18 Provider Portal Trainings January 2018

12.28.17 Provider Process Change for PA Requirements

12.06.17 Hep C Policy Updates and Holiday Check Runs Reminder

11.17.17 November and December Holiday Check Runs

10.13.17 Early Elective Delivery and ABH KY Proivder Forum Reminder

10.06.17 2017 Provider Forums and Check Run Date Change Reminder

09.29.17 Change to Check Run Date and Updated PR Rep List

09.08.17 Rescinding the Change for Unlisted and Non-Specific CPT and HCPCS Codes

09.01.17 Reminder Unlisted and Non-Specific CPT and HCPCS Codes

08.04.17 Fax Change Unlisted and Non-Specific Codes

07.24.17 Fax 99050 and 99051 & Updated PR Rep List

06.30.17 Fax Correction to PR Rep Listing

06.23.17 Fax Updated Provider Relations Representative Listing

06.16.17 Fax Prenatal Cytogenetic Codes 99050-99051

06.02.17 Fax Updated Appeal PR List ORP Reminder Revision

05.19.17 Fax ORP Reminder

05.19.17 Fax BH T2023 Code

05.05.17 AEFX00013 Updated PR Rep Listing

04.28.17 AEFX00010 Spring 2017 Provider Newsletter and ORP Reminder

04.28.17 AEFX00009 Behavioral Health ABA OTR Form Added to Website

04.07.17 AEFX00004 Ordering Referring Prescribing BH T2023 Code 831 PR Rep List

03.24.17 AEFX00005 Claim Reconsideration Process Discontinued Reminder

03.22.17 AEFX00005 Claim Reconsideration Process Discontinued

02.24.17 Fax Cross Claim Provider Policy Change PR Rep List

02.17.17 AEFX00003 Fax Cotiviti PR Rep List

02.14.17 Fax Med Record Claims Review Notice Letter

02.10.17 Fax Medicare Crossover Claim Edit

02.03.17 Fax Behavioral Health CPT T2023

01.20.17 Fax Rx PA Forms Prov Manual Fall 2016 Provider Newsletter

12.30.16 Fax Clinical Payment Changes and Modifiers for OT PT ST

12.16.16 Fax Duplicative Coding Check Runs

12.09.16 Fax Policy Updates MWP Check Runs Bill 131 Clinical Practice Preventive Health Guidelines

12.02.16 Fax Check Runs Behavioral Health Telephone Reminder

12.02.16 Fax for CMHC Update Only

11.23.16 Fax Check Runs and No Policy Change for IP Claims

11.18.16 Fax Bill Type 131 Inpatient Costs Policy Check Runs Map 811 Flu Shot

11.11.16 Fax Draft Check Run Map 811 Policy Claims HepC

11.04.16 Fax Policy Changes Observation Stays Open Enrollment Service in 2017

10.27.16 Fax Open Enrollment Here to Stay Coventry Account Do Not Bill Map 811 Forum Flu

10.21.16 Fax Open Enrollment Here to Stay Coventry Account Do Not Bill Map 811 Forum Flu

10.14.16 Fax Open Enrollment Here to Stay Provider Forums Flu

10.07.16 Fax Aetna in 2017 2016 Provider Forums

09.30.16 Fax Aetna in 2017 2016 Provider Forums eviCore Update

09.23.16 Fax 2016 Provider Forums eviCore Update

09.16.16 Fax 2016 Provider Forums eviCore Attending MD to Bill

09.09.16 Fax eviCore Update PR Rep Listing 

09.01.16 Fax Pain Cardiology Portal Updates Provider Newsletter

08.22.16 Fax Aetna Public Exchange

08.22.16 Fax Flu Zika Provider Requirement

08.12.16 Fax Void Requests Claims Inquiries

08.12.16 Fax BH NCCI Claims Edits

07.22.16 Fax BH Contract Zika Virus Crib Program

07.22.16 Fax Zika Virus Crib Program

07.08.16 Fax Quick Reference Guide and CICR

07.08.16 Fax for Behavioral Health

06.24.16 Fax Clinic Coding & Policy Communication Under ACA

06.17.16 Fax HCPC NDC Claim Recon Clearinghouse Taxonomy

06.10.16 Fax eviCore Medsolutions Portal Hospital Obs Stay

05.27.16 Fax Forumlary Change Portal Enhancements PA Update

05.13.16 Fax Provider Relations Updated List Provider Newsletter

05.06.16 Fax Location Code 99 Vaccines CCR Fax Inpatient ICD 10 Code

04.22.16 Fax DMS Updates CCR Fax Address Form

04.08.16 - Fax DMS Updates CCR Fax Address Form

04.01.16 - Fax DCBS Benefind Taxonomy NPI Claims PR List

03.25.16 - Fax iHealth Edits Claims Denial Review PR List

03.11.16 - Fax ChangeHealth Taxonomy

03.04.16 - Fax HDC Check Run PCP Change WRAP Pharmacy

02.29-16 - Fax CICR Taxonomy

02.19.16 - Fax lockbox PA ultrasound taxonomy member incentives

02.08.16 - Fax eviCore member ID number

02.05.16 - Fax med pharm PA update portal HEDIS

02.03.16 - Fax pharmacy requests ultrasound OB codes

01.29.16 - Fax Portal Claims Tobacco Cessation PR Rep List

01.22.16 - Fax Portal Registration Provider Payment Reminder

01.15.16 - Fax Provider Payment Reminder PR Rep List

01.07.16 - Fax Portal Registration DMS Universal PA Form