Behavioral health

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky covers behavioral health services. These services include specialized behavioral health services provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, mental health clinics, and mental health rehabilitation service providers (public or private). We also cover inpatient hospital services for acute medical detoxification.

Aetna Better Health of Kentucky is committed to having an integrated care model that looks at all that affects a person – physical, emotional, lifestyle, beliefs and values. We treat behavioral and physical health together.

We work with members and providers to focus on prevention and wellness:

  • Screening for issues that could lead to illness and treating them early with whole-person approach
  • Providing classes and services with providers and others to help members learn to better manage their own care

Basic Behavioral Health Services are provided in medical clinics, such as primary care or ob/gyn clinics, by medical professionals or behavioral health consultants. Common services that may be offered in medical clinic settings include screening for common mental health conditions, screening for alcohol or substance use issues, medication management and coordination of referrals to specialized behavioral health services.

Specialized Behavioral Health Services are provided by licensed mental health or addiction professionals in a setting that is most suitable to the individual and family members’ need. Non-emergent services may be provided in outpatient clinics or in intensive treatment programs. Some members may also be eligible for Home and Community Based Services. Crisis intervention services are available to all members, including inpatient hospital treatment for the most serious cases. Our Behavioral Health Crisis Line is available at 1-888-604-6106 (TTY users dial 711/1-866-200-3269) 24/7.