Important provider notices & bulletins

Aetna Better Health of Kansas publishes KDHE and Aetna bulletins containing up-to-the-minute information you may need to know from our regulators, new coding/claims processing rules, or any other new plan information. Our goal is to keep you as well informed about our plan as possible. Be sure to check this page often.

9.3.19 Enhanced Provider Search for Opioid/Specialized Expertise Providers

8.30.19 NCCI MUEs Quarterly Updates

8.30.19 Extending the Transition of Care Period Through 10.31.19

8.30.19 Removal of PA for Targeted Case Management (T1017)

8.27.19 Dental Procedure Codes Rate Increase

8.27.19 Check Run Schedule Labor Day Week 

8.22.19 HCBS Traumatic Brain Injury Waiver Transitions

8.22.19 HCBS Physical Disability Waiver Transitions

8.19.19 Updated for Providers Regarding Aetna Integrated Services Plan

8.8.19 KanCare All MCO Fall 2019 Training 

8.1.19 Preferred Drug List Update

8.1.19 Monthly Webinar Training

7.28.19 Childrens Mercy Intergrated Care Solutions

7.24.19 Bariatric Surgery

7.19.19 KMAP CRL Post Implementation

7.17.19 Trichloroacetic Acid Treatment in LHDs

7.17.19 Ordering, Referring, Attending, Prescribing, and Sponsoring Provider Requirements

7.17.19 Oral Sedation for Dental Procedures

7.16.19 Aetna Better Health of Kansas Weekly Bulletin

7.16.19 Rate Increase

7.13.19 June Presentation

7.8.19 2019 HCPCS Updates

7.8.19 Provider Notice Aetna Secure Provider Portal

7.2.19 Preferred Drug List Update 

6.28.19 Supportive Housing Services

6.27.19 Managed Care Rule Provider Enrollment

6.27.19 Provider Corrected Claims Process

6.25.19 HCBS 2020 Reimbursement

6.25.19 Important Changes for Prescribing Providers and Pharmacies

6.25.19 Utilization Review Contractor

6.25.19 CMHC Autism Enrollment

6.25.19 Fluoride Treatment in LHDs

6.24.19 Provider Meeting Invitation

6.19.19 All MCO Spring Aetna Presentation

5.20.19 835's on Change HealthCare's Payment Manager

3/8/2019 UPDATE: Provider Enrollment Managed Care Regulation Implementation update

Extension of Certain Transitional Care Practices

2-26-19 Member Portal Revision related to updates to the IVR system

2-26-19 Notice of Updates to Benefits and Claims Payments 02/26/2019

Notice to HCBS Providers Related to Load and Auths v6

We want to help keep you informed about the health plan and other news that's useful to you. Please check back periodically for important notices and updates to the Aetna Better Health of Kansas plan.

11.11.19 Aetna Resumes Provider Overpayments & Recoveries

11.11.19 Aetna Executive Webinar Presentation

11.4.19 Aetna Better Health® of Kansas Provider Town Hall Meetings Announced

11.1.19 Preferred Drug List Update

11.1.19 MCO Payment of Flu Vaccines for Adults through Pharmacy Benefit

10.30.19 Coverage of Diagnostic and Screening Mammography

10.29.19 Skygen Provider Notice - Covered Anesthesia Code for Dental Services

10.29.19 Skygen Provider Notice - Remove PA for Vision Services Codes

10.29.19 Skygen Provider Notice - Dental and Vision Claims with TPL

10.28.19 Provider Townhalls Announced

10.25.19 HCPCS Nusinersen Updates

10.25.19 KMAP Provider Revalidation Reminder

10.24.19 Removal of Prior Authorization for Oxygen-related Codes Effective 11/01/19

10.24.19 Executive Webinars Announced – New Dates

10.17.19 HCPCS Code Billing Updates

10.17.19 Revenue Code Change for LTC Room and Board

10.17.19 Removal of PA for T1001 and H2016

10.17.19 Removal of PA for Nursing Facility/Custodial Care and Intermediate Swing Bed Services

10.11.19 Provider Overpayments & Recoveries

10.10.19 Home and Community Based Service Providers Individual Enrollment

10.8.19 Aetna Transition of Care Authorizations Extended through December 31, 2019

10.3.19 Remove PA Psych Testing and Eval

10.2.19 Transition of Care Extension Update

10.2.19 CLIA

10.1.19 Prior Authorization Updates

10.1.19 Preferred Drug List Update

10.1.19 HCPCS Updates October 2019

10.1.19 Hospice Payment Rates FFY 2020

10.1.19 Medicare Unacceptable Principal Diagnosis Codes

10.1.19 Patient Discharge Status and Occurrence Codes

10.1.19 HCPCS Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate Updates

10.1.19 Check Run Errors 9.24.19

9.26.19 Explanation of Benefit Codes

9.26.19 Enteral Formula and Parenteral Nutrition Solution Pricing Update

9.16.19 Maternity Centers Billing on UB04 Form

9.12.19 HCBS Background Check Policy

9.10.19 Managed Care Organization Contract Request Form

9.10.19 Preferred Drug List Update

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