We encourage providers to submit claims electronically through our provider portal. When submitting claims to our plan, use the Provider ID number 128CA for both CMS 1500 and UB 04 forms.

If you have any questions on electronic billing, just call Provider Services at 1-855-772-9076.

You can also mail hard copy claims or resubmissions to:

Aetna Better Health of California
Claims and Resubmissions
P.O. Box 66125
Phoenix, AZ 85082-6125

Resubmitted claims should be clearly marked “Resubmission” on the envelope.

Electronic fund transfer offers electronic payments deposited directly into provider's bank accounts.

The benefits of an EFT
Setting up EFT payments will:

  • Improve payment consistency
  • Ensure fast, accurate and secure transactions
  • Send payments directly into your bank account

EFT forms are available through the provider portal.

Electronic remittance advice is an electronic file that contains claim payment and remittance information sent to your office. This is sometimes referred to by its HIPAA transaction number 835.

The benefits of an ERA

  • Reduces manual posting of claims payment information, which saves you time and money, allowing you to more efficiently manage your resources
  • Eliminates the need for paper explanation of benefits (EOBs)

ERA forms are available through the provider portal.