Facility Site Review Resources

Aetna Better Health of California is providing resources to assist your practice with preparing for the Initial, or Full Scope Periodic scheduled Facility Site Review.

This Review is a California mandated process that each primary care Provider office site must complete every 3 years to maintain a Medi-Cal contract or initially to be eligible for membership. One review will satisfy ALL of your Health Plan Contracts whether through an IPA or direct contract. The referenced materials below comply with the “Pre-Audit” materials requirement by NCQA and the State of California’s DHCS policy letter 14-004. Please pay special attention to the “Welcome letter” and the “Facility Review Preparation Checklist”. These provide information for a smooth, easy way to master your upcoming review.

Offices scheduled for an “Initial” or a “Relocation” Facility Review may request an educational visit prior to the official review process. This may be done by contacting the Reviewer in your county. Should you have any questions, please contact the Reviewer who scheduled your appointment.

Your Aetna Better Health of California contacts are:

San Diego County

Nicole Gooden, R.N CSR

Cell: (858) 472-7930

Fax: (959) 282-1609

Sacramento County

Randee Marlin, R.N Master Trainer

Cell: (714) 290-9251

Fax: (959)282-8009